About Our ATV Rental Shop in Sedona

We are a couple of friends from the Northwest who are extremely obsessed with motorsports!

We drive, ride and love anything from an ATV to JetSki and in between. We used come to Sedona a lot to go off road amazed by the scenery and nature of this town. We rented ATVs a few times and were not satisfied with the vehicles and prices that were offered. We believe there's potential in Sedona for much more, much more vehicle for the money.

That's why we started this business and decided to offer only top of the line, performance vehicles at prices that were affordable for more people. This is why we offer the most competitive prices in town and to prove it we can match and beat anyone else's!

We are also the most flexible company in town, willing to work with your needs and your schedule in order to provide the best experience and most satisfaction for our clients. Give us a call and we'll prove it!

- Zlati & Chris

Enjoy breathtaking nature and wildlife while riding through these red dirt trails.
Rent a regular or performance ATV or even a four seat Polaris RZR and see places where only a real off road vehicles can take you!


Sedona Arizona

Sedona has one of the best landscapes in the U.S.
Everywhere you go you have amazing views of stunning red rocks. Regardless of where you are in Sedona you won't have to go very far to find an outstanding view.

Places like Red Rock State Park and even the Sedona Airport are a great start, but there are several trails throughout Sedona that can't be accessed without a four-wheel drive vehicle.